Troubleshooting ora-01499 & ora-08103 block corrupted

ORA-1499 is produced by statement “ANALIZE TABLE|CLUSTER VALIDATE STRUCTURE CASCADE” to report an inconsistency between a table or a cluster and its index where an index,ORA-8103 is caused by an invalid block type. The block header has an invalid block type or the block type inside the block is not expected


DBVerify report Corrupt block “Completely zero block found during dbv” when use RAW Device, but rman not.

因为raw device头上记录的是552959 个块数,但数据文件实际为540640个块数, 所以在oracle 未使用的block都未格式化,但是DBV如果不指定end 截至位置都会扫描, 所以DBV会提示那些都是勘误块, 使用RMAN未发现。

DBV not always correct, as in an extreme case the use of raw device

RAW DEVICE可以在增加数据文件时不指定文件大小,可用空间这样通常是RAW Device的实际大小, 但是文件头上不会写入可用块数,表空间块大小会写入, 这种情况下DBV工具无法从文件头正确的获取blocks数,所以产生错误的扫描块数结果。在不指定大小的情况下,如果RAW Device曾经文件头上有记录之前的blocks,RAW device在新加入数据库时也不会擦写该位置,这样后期在使用DBV时的结果就不正确。

How to restore database only have previous datafile and archive log Rman backupset?(只有数据文件和归档日志备份集的恢复)

元旦期间帮一朋友恢复了套数据库, 情景是这样的,25号0时有做RMAN 0级备份含datafile和当时的archivelog,25号白天删除了一个非常重要的表空间, 现在需要恢复那个表空间,是一套单实例的11.1.0.6 的WINDOWS平台的数据库, 接手时只有上面的6个备份集文件(只有DATAFILE AND ARCHIVELOG)和软件,和当前的control file

Corrupted free block & ORA-19566 when using rman backup after restore DB

RMAN-00569: ========= ERROR MESSAGE STACK FOLLOWS ===============
RMAN-00571: =====================================================
RMAN-03009: failure of backup command on ORA_DISK_1 channel at 03/10/2015 12:18:24
ORA-19566: exceeded limit of 0 corrupt blocks for file E:\ORACLE2\PRODUCT\10.1.0\ORADATA\ORCL\USERS01.DBF

ORACLE异机表空间基于时间点恢复 (TSPITR) Method(恢复部分表空间)

RMAN Tablespace Point-In-Time Recovery ( TSPITR) enables you to quickly recover one or more tablespaces in an Oracle database to an earlier time, without affecting the state of the rest of the tablespaces and other objects in the database.

ORACLE异机数据库基于时间点的恢复 (DBPITR) Method

DBPITR enables you to recover a database to some time in the past.I will demonstrate below how to do flashback a database to a point in time.

Recovery Loss Of Datafile For Which No Backup Is Available(恢复没有备份的数据文件)

来模拟一种刚建的表空间,还没来的及备份,数据文件被删除,但archive log 都在时的恢复。 sys@AN […]

Build the BBED utility in ORACLE 11G on linux

Oracle has the BBED utility (block browser and editor) is is all releases of Oracle, from Oracle7 to Oracle10g,In Oracle 11g, BBED becomes unavailable but if you search in the makefile,…

11G ADG automatic repair corrupt data blocks(ABMR自动坏块修复)测试二

standby site 的ABMR没有成功, 后来是怀疑buffer header中有mrec 的block, 现在我接着测试如果buffer header 中没有此类block,ABMR是否成功?以前用bbed 标记corrupt block的方式, 如果有corrupt block时rman backup 又会怎么样?


11G ADG automatic repair corrupt data blocks(ABMR自动坏块修复)测试一

Automatic block repair allows corrupt data blocks to be automatically repaired as soon as the corruption is detected. This feature reduces the amount of time that data is inaccessible due to block corruption.


Script: RMAN backup shell on linux

# make direcory for backset file and scripts file,in my […]


Expdp Exclude schemas or tables while full=y(排除指定schema的全备份)

当做EXPDP 逻辑备份时常用到FULL=Y 的全库备份,但是有些schema不想每次都备份如一些自带的schemas(如APEX_030200),这时可以使用exclude很方便的排除…



因一次硬件原因导致了服务器异常停机,防止蝴蝶效应及时进行了数据迁移,一周发现了这个决定正确的。 申请了2小时的 […]

Schema level flashback(闪回用户或方案)

Technically there is no schema level flashback feature […]


exp 时注意保证三处的字符集一致,对于本例的US7ASCII(10g) DMP 导入 ZHS16GBK DB (11g),采用了修改dmp文件中的两处字符集编号,最终解决了字符集乱码问题。


limit backup filesize with rman maxpiecesize (限制备份文件大小相关参数)

Configuring Backup Piece Sizes for RMAN Backups to a Media Manager
Some media managers have limits on the maximum size of files that they can back up or restore

Backups to tape can only be backup sets. use rman

By default, RMAN creates all backups as backup sets, on tape or on disk. You can change the default backup type for disk backups to be image copies using the CONFIGURE command. Backups to tape can only be backup sets.

Loss database default tablespace files affected and recovery



Any loss of controlfile effects of database and recovery the controlfile

Your database is having two control files, three redo log file groups with two members in each group. Failure of which file would cause an instance to shut down