Troubleshooting ORA-39002: invalid operation during datapump TZ version Difference

最近有个datapump跨数据库迁移数据时,提示”ORA-39002: invalid operation”错误, 排除过目录文件权限和语法兼容问题,后来发现是目标库的Timezone Version低于源库的TZ version. 需要升级目标库的TZ VERSION

How to config Keepalived VIP Auto Failover for MySQL?

MySQL master slave replication doesn’t provide any solution in case of master failure, in that scenarios we have to manually do the configuration changes to make the next available server as master. Use keepalived to configure VIP, the application uses VIP to connect to the database, when the node is unavailable, the VIP automatically switches to other nodes.

How to start MySQL slave/replica skip missing binlogs?

Got fatal error 1236 from master when reading data from binary log: ‘Could not find first log file name in binary log index file’

Sometimes our MySQL master-slave environment has not been used for a long time,slave server is stopped for some reason for a few hours/days, and the master binlog has been automatically deleted. when you resume replication on the slave it fails with above error, and I don’t care about the loss of transactions between them in my test DB. Of course, the production environment may need to rebuild the slave database.

How to reset root password if forgotten in MySQL 5.7?

The MySQL root password is often used in practical applications. If you accidentally lose the root password, you can recover the MySQL root password through the methods in this article.

Scripts: 查找Oracle数据文件碎片和extents分布

最近有个客户的表空间使用率使用50%左右就出现了ora-1653,我们知道ora-165N是空间无法扩展,这么多的free空间还无法扩展,其中有可能是存在碎片,也就是数据文件中不连续的”洞”free space, 在申请一个比较大的extents时,无法匹配连续空间而失败, 你是否想过查看数据文件上的段分布?或表空间的碎片情况?或move 哪个对象可以让datafile resize更小?

Troubleshooting large amount of undo/redo generated due to dblink usage

因为使用dblink需要分配undo段来标示分布式事务,如果在循环中使用dblink并commit,每次会分配新的undo段,同时undo retention如果保留时间较常,那可能会导致undo自动扩展很大(autoextent on ), 或者会出现undo段争用,从未过期的undo段偷窃, 就会影响正常的DML事务