Why do drop tablespace completes the space is not available as free yet in ASM Diskgroup?(删除tablesapce后, ASM空闲空间没变)

前天有套库发现表空间分了很大但是使用的非常少,想收回多余浪费的空间放回ASM,删了两个表空间应该可以释放1T左右的空间,但是ASM DISKGROUP的free space时,并没有增长, 也就是删除的空间没有释放, 开始以为遇到了BUG, 其实原因很简单, 只是在这简单记录这个问题的提个醒。

Invalid segment BIN$xxx and dba_recyclebin was empty (回收站空,释放无效的BIN$xx空间)

近来有套库空间紧张,发现有很大BIN$开头的TABLE partition,index partition 类型的段,查询确认是2个月前删除的对象,手动清空过dba_recyclebin使用purge,但都过去几天了,后来dba_recyclebin一直为空,发现对象BIN$XX还存在

Warning ! RAC Listener offline& VIP failover when dynamically adding disks using udev after executing

增加新存储到现有ASM,使用udev配置绑定的存储,当增加了udev rule 配置文件中新增的lun, 执行了start_udev后,执行该命令RAC当前节点资源 的VIP fail 到另一个实例,并且listener offline

ASM DISKGROUP Migrate to Anotherr SAN (迁移ASM到新存储)

上周刚刚做了ASM Storage的一套13T 2 Nodes 11GR2 database RAC ON A […]

How to drop ASM DiskGroup in RAC? (DISKGROUP删除后db资源显示OFFLINE)

to chose sqlplus “drop diskgroup”. however,the diskgroup that dropped is still listed as a resource. , Actually, the DB is open still, check alert log

ora-00313,ora-00312 ora-17503, ora-15001


To add datafiles in ASM hit ORA-01119 ORA-17502 ORA-15041 after add new ASMDISKs to ASMDISKGROUP

A friend asked me ,they add new disk to a ASM diskgroup. Disks were added successfully. But when tried alter tablespace add new datafile using the diskgroup one the disks were recently added, they got “ora-01119” and “ORA-17502″,”ORA-15041” errors during add new datafile.


How to duplicate or multiplex control files on ASM ?(复制控制文件)

ON single-instance 1, make sure asm diskgroup is avalia […]


RedHat(RHEL)6 support ASMLIB (RHEL6支持asmlib)

With the annoucement of Oracle’s database support on RHEL6 and OEL6, they have decided to stop making ASMLIB for RHEL compatible kernels. ASMLIB is now only available if you are using Oracle Unbreakable Linux Kernel.But Recent events enabled Red Hat and Oracle to work togethe. Oracle ASMLib availability and support on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.

Backup ASM metadata with shell

Creates a backup directory if required, works out the A […]

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ASM is the ability to add and remove disks/luns from a diskgroup with no down time and an automatic rebalancing of the data on the luns. This creates all kinds of possibilities.

揭秘 Oracle 11gR2 RAC ASM Instance 启动

存储asm instance spfile到asm,听上去很奇怪,启动自身,首先要解决的几个问题
1,asm diskgroup 没mount,如何读spfile?


oracle ASM on LVM (linux卷管理),配置LVM