Troubleshooting sqlplus logon instance slow and Swap usage high even memory is 50% free

A few days ago, I encountered a case, a three-node Oracle RAC database on RHEL 6.6 , when trying to login to the database instance using sqlplus “/ as sysdba” on the third node, It’s very slow, and vmstat show that there is a very large swap in and out, but there is still a lot of memory free space


Troubleshooting Out-Of-Memory(OOM) killer db crash when memory exhausted

If kernel can not find memory to allocate when it’s needed, it puts in-use user data pages on the swap-out queue, to be swapped out. If the Virtual Memory (VM) cannot allocate memory and canot swap out in-use memory, the Out-of-memory killer may begin killing current userspace processes.

Oracle12c R2注意事项: Active DataGuard logon fail with ORA-00604& ORA-04024

一套12c R2 4-nodes Oracle RAC on RHEL 7的环境,已安装0417 RU。 该库有一套Phyical DataGard, 同时也是GoldenGate的target端,存在一个replicat 进程同步数据,因为OGG的认证导致ADG hang最终使归档删除失败。

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