How to avoid “ORA-00932: inconsistent datatypes: expected – got CLOB” when distinct CLOB datatypes.

Large objects (LOBs) are not supported in comparison conditions. However, you can use PL/SQL programs for comparisons on CLOB data.

skgpspawn failed:category = 27143 in alert log

skgpspawn failed:category = 27143, depinfo = 24, op = pipe, loc = skgpspawn2

oracle 12c new feature 隐藏列(invisible columns)

oracle 12c release 1版本引入新功能可隐藏列(invisible columns),这个特性有很多的争议,不明白为什么ORACLE会推出这个特性,因为这个特性可能会带来很多麻烦..

Adaptive Cursor Sharing in 11R2 performance issues(自适应游标共享问题案例)

今天开发的同事找我说是一个报表系统的SQL执行第一次很快,再执行就慢的几乎查询无响应,找他要来了SQL,也是常见的表关连LIFT JOIN 、GROUP BY的统计报表, 出于篇幅原因不再贴SQL, 把SQL放到TOAD 中问题依然可以再现,..


Adaptive Log File Sync In 11gr2 (_use_adaptive_log_file_sync)

Adaptive Log File sync was introduced in 11.2. the feat […]


How to enable SQL*Net Tracing with Oracle Instant Client 11G

Sometimes we need to enable sql*net trace to diagnose sqlplus connection problems such as ora-125*
Below are the steps to configure Sql*Net verbose Client side tracing: