How to used the gdb (GNU Debugger) Collecting Hanganalyze and Systemstate Dumps on Linux systems(操作系统收集hanganalyze和systemstate)

Prior to 10g you can use a unix debugger like gdb, adb or dbx to attach to a shadow process and dump the system state using the function ksudss which is the subroutine in the Oracle source code which does the same.

How to enable SQL*Net Tracing with Oracle Instant Client (二)

Dynamic server tracing allows for tracing at a per-process level and can be enabled ad hoc on any running server process. This is useful for tracing individual server side processes of a specific client connection or for tracing background server processes.

How to enable SQL*Net Tracing with Oracle Instant Client 11G

Sometimes we need to enable sql*net trace to diagnose sqlplus connection problems such as ora-125*
Below are the steps to configure Sql*Net verbose Client side tracing:

How to get call stack of oracle processes ?

Each time your program performs a function call, information about the call is generated. That information includes the location of the call in your program, the arguments of the call, and the local variables ..