loss of all controlfile,database is automatic shutdown abort?(丢失所有控制文件,数据库会关闭?)

Your database is configured in NOARCHIVELOG mode. All the control files have been lost due to a hard disk failure but the data files are not lost. You have the closed whole database backup available to you…


expdp with sys on linux

UDE-00008: operation generated ORACLE error 28009
ORA-28009: connection as SYS should be as SYSDBA or SYSOPER


recyclebin session on ,system off

SQL> show parameter recy NAME TYPE VALUE ————– […]

flashback DDL not affect

flashback query 可以闪回以前的数据行,但不可以闪回alter table修改前的表结构,这点在11G推出的闪回表空间是一样的…

1z0-042 259题实验

Identify the two tablespaces whose data files are so critical that only a closed recovery is possible. (Choose two.)

oracle10g online redolog lost(当前日志文件丢失)

Database mounted.
ORA-00313: open failed for members of log group 3 of thread 1
ORA-00312: online log 3 thread 1: ‘/u01/app/oracle/oradata/ORCL/onlinelog/o1_mf_3_5y4dgorl_.log’
ORA-00312: online log 3 thread 1: ‘/u01/app/oracle/flash_recovery_area/ORCL/onlinelog/o1_mf_3_5y4dgq04_.log’

oracle 10g logminer笔记(三)


1,session 1 ,建立几个对象,并做更新
2,session 2, 进行logmnr分析
3, session 3,等session2分析出来后,能不能查看他的结果?
4,先不启用supplemental log,进行分析
5, 用其中两种数据字典分析online data dictionary、flat file dictionary
6, 启用supplemental log,进行分析

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oracle 10g logminer笔记(一)

对于搞ORACLE数据库的人来说,LOGMINER这个装备已并不陌生,从oracle 8i开始官方公开了LOGMINER工具,可以分析REDO日志文件包括在线或已归档,因为知道数据库的操作都记录在REDO日志中,logminer和tkprof 一样,不过tkprof是分析TRACE文件,logminer是分析redo log.

What is backup retention policy?

The Recovery Manager (RMAN) provides the CONFIGURE RETENTION POLICY command to create a persistent and automatic backup retention policy for controlling how long backups and copies should be retained. When a backup retention policy is in effect, RMAN considers the backups and copies of data files and control files as obsolete…

delete obsolete和delete expired区别

delete exipired

If you run CROSSCHECK, and if RMAN cannot locate the files, then it updates their records in the RMAN repository to EXPIRED status. You can then use the DELETE EXPIRED command to remove records of expired backups and copies from the RMAN repository.


如果10分钟不小心刚刚误删了一个procedure,又没保存脚本,现在如何恢复? drop procedure必然delete dba_source,delete 当然会想到闪回查询

sql>conn test/test

sql>drop procedure p_user;