Shell: To delete listener log file contains text and xml format (自动清理监听日志)

清理数据库监听日志的脚本 清理多个监听日志 清理文本和XML格式,自动判断 根据文本格式大小默认1GB 根据X […]

How to list all db links in oracle DB to generate a flat file? (生成dblink列表文件)

自己整理了个简单的SHELL 去收集LOCAL 的所有DB LINKS,功能是如果DB LINK创建使用的是简单方式(没有配置TNSNAMES.ORA)直接取IP:PORT, 或如果使用TNSNAME Alias Name调用TNSPING 转换成IP, 同时还会判断tnsping ip port 里否通?

Fixed OSWatcher v7.3.3 some problems on HPUX ia 11-31 platform

The OSW is a great OS monitor tool, The latest version of osw(7.3.3) there are some problems in the HP platform(ia 11-31).

1, the private network to collect information to monitor only once at startup
2, Did not get the information TOP

Shell: extract more from listener.log (分析oracle监听日志连接频率)

最近遇到了两起数据库连接数不足的问题, 通常都会预留一些会话增加的情况, 但在一些特殊情况下如连接风暴(logon storm), 如果在监听中没有做rate限流,对数据库来说
巨大的冲击可能会导致数据库Hang 或 ora-20 或ora-18 错误。

Shell script to backup MySQL database(备份MySQL 脚本)

this is shell script to backup mysql database, using mysqldump to dump all databases into separate files, and encrypt backup file using zip password option, Generate a collective file using tar, ftp to ftp server, to send email to DBA .


SHELL:Find Memory Usage In Linux (统计每个程序内存使用情况)


Script: RMAN backup shell on linux

# make direcory for backset file and scripts file,in my […]


script:purge ADR file

[oracle@db231 ~]$ ./adr_purge
INFO: Purge started at Thu May 16 07:35:32 CST 2013
INFO: adrci purge started at Thu May 16 07:35:32 CST 2013
INFO: adrci purging diagnostic destination diag/tnslsnr/db231/listener
INFO: purging ALERT older than 90 days …
INFO: purging INCIDENT older than 30 days …

Backup ASM metadata with shell

Creates a backup directory if required, works out the A […]

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