MySql 5.5 tar安装及sysbench 配置

Next, let’s create the mysql user and group: groupadd m […]

Recovery Loss Of Datafile For Which No Backup Is Available(恢复没有备份的数据文件)

来模拟一种刚建的表空间,还没来的及备份,数据文件被删除,但archive log 都在时的恢复。 sys@AN […]

Build the BBED utility in ORACLE 11G on linux

Oracle has the BBED utility (block browser and editor) is is all releases of Oracle, from Oracle7 to Oracle10g,In Oracle 11g, BBED becomes unavailable but if you search in the makefile,…

11G ADG automatic repair corrupt data blocks(ABMR自动坏块修复)测试二

standby site 的ABMR没有成功, 后来是怀疑buffer header中有mrec 的block, 现在我接着测试如果buffer header 中没有此类block,ABMR是否成功?以前用bbed 标记corrupt block的方式, 如果有corrupt block时rman backup 又会怎么样?


11G ADG automatic repair corrupt data blocks(ABMR自动坏块修复)测试一

Automatic block repair allows corrupt data blocks to be automatically repaired as soon as the corruption is detected. This feature reduces the amount of time that data is inaccessible due to block corruption.


ORA-12592: TNS:bad packet issue on Dataguard primary site

今天刚搭建的一个Data guard环境,一开始在日志传输时遇到ora-12592错误,ORA-12592: TNS:bad packet


AWR Formatter (一个不错的AWR报告格式化google chrome 插件)

一个不错的oracle AWR 报告本地文件格式化chrome浏览器插件,看似用js完成,有一些特性非常不错, […]

Resize datafile hit ORA-01237 ORA-27059 OSD-04005 O/S-Error: (OS 665) on windows 2008

当你在windows NTFS文件系统操作大的数据文件时,有时会遇到下面的错误:
The operating system returned error 665 (The requested operation could not be completed due to a file system limitation)

CRS-4124 CRS-4000 Oracle HAS startup failed after reboot server (RHEL6)

# crsctl start has
CRS-4124: Oracle High Availability Services startup failed.
CRS-4000: Command Start failed, or completed with errors.

How to used the gdb (GNU Debugger) Collecting Hanganalyze and Systemstate Dumps on Linux systems(操作系统收集hanganalyze和systemstate)

Prior to 10g you can use a unix debugger like gdb, adb or dbx to attach to a shadow process and dump the system state using the function ksudss which is the subroutine in the Oracle source code which does the same.

More about dead transactions recovery and cleanup(死事务的回滚清理)

If you need to recovery the dead transaction record of more than 100(_cleanup_rollback_entries parameter value), PMON only responsible for cleaning up dead session, which is responsible for the SMON recovery dead transaction.