Debug oracle 常用的一些trace命令

当oracle遇到问题时, 当表面的现象和现有的log无法为我们诊断问题提供足够的信息时, 希望可能通过打开oracle 的debug开关,生成更详细的trace 文件提供更多的信息, 这里整理了一些trace的命令.

关于oracle 安全的小知识dbms_ir , dbms_utility, bypass privileges via view

Oracle数据库安全问题最近几年变的格外关注, 除了数据泄露外还有一些数据库自身的问题,在没有安装最新PSU 或相关CPU时,如果被心存不鬼的人利用将会非常危险. 这里我简单记录三个问题, 测试环境为11.2.0.4 on solaris 11 OS(no patch any PSU or CPU).
1, 使用dbms_ir执行SQL 脚本
2, 只有create session 权限使用dbms_utility 创建表
3, 有select any dictionary的权限修改其它用户的密码

ORA-00600: internal error code, arguments: [504] [row cache objects] on oracle 9i

My db env Oracle on SunOS 5.10, during the problem occurs Database hang, and many sessions wait ‘libaray cache lock’ and after awhile sqlplus connect failed, Before the problem occurs ,We to a statspack, and explain plan for sql, but the sql did not use parallel and db_link, and select on v$sql_plan

Troubleshooting ora-01499 & ora-08103 block corrupted

ORA-1499 is produced by statement “ANALIZE TABLE|CLUSTER VALIDATE STRUCTURE CASCADE” to report an inconsistency between a table or a cluster and its index where an index,ORA-8103 is caused by an invalid block type. The block header has an invalid block type or the block type inside the block is not expected


Instance Crash in RAC and ORA-600 [kcbo_switch_cq_1]

Errors in file /oracle/app/oracle/diag/rdbms/anbob/anbob1/trace/anbob1_pmon_15074000.trc:
ORA-00600: internal error code, arguments: [kcbo_switch_cq_1], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], []
PMON (ospid: 15074000): terminating the instance due to error 472


Tuning ‘latch free’ & ‘null event’ wait event in Oracle 9i

最近遇到一套9I数据库遇到了性能问题, 现象是数据库主机CPU使用率很高应用响应缓慢,Cpu Idel几乎为0, 从v$session_wait查看数据库当前的活动会话在等待’null event’和’latch free’.

Crsd start fail and crsd.log show “Policy Engine is not initialized yet”& evmd.log show “[gipcretConnectionRefused] [29]”

最近一套数据库的2节点半夜突然crash,被1节点驱逐, AGENT 启动DB失败,手动重启CRS启动失败,后来发现日志中的现象与MOS中多篇bug很像但又不是,节点2CRS启动失败,AIX环境,crs日志显示”Policy Engine is not initialized yet”,evmd.log 显示”[gipcretConnectionRefused] [29]”

11.2 impdp ORA-31693 ORA-29913 ORA-27163 when the table has xmltype column

ORA-31693: Failed to load / unload the data object table “ANBOB” “SDTEMPETL” object is ignored because of the error.:
ORA-29913: error in executing the call ODCIEXTTABLEFETCH
ORA-27163: insufficient memory(内存不足)

, CRS start slow and cssd.log show ‘Msg-reply has soap fault 10’ 案例

修改PUBLIC IP应该就可以,但是应用前期连接数据库存在使用public IP的中件间,而且短时间内无法梳理并修改, 如何及解决CRS启动慢的问题又可以避免中间件或为中间件争取时间梳理? 下面是我的一种方案。