oracle 12c Database Architecture (CDB、PDB)

Database Architecture consists of
1) Container Database (CDB)
2) Pluggable Database (PDB)

Script: RMAN backup shell on linux

# make direcory for backset file and scripts file,in my […]


Expdp Exclude schemas or tables while full=y(排除指定schema的全备份)

当做EXPDP 逻辑备份时常用到FULL=Y 的全库备份,但是有些schema不想每次都备份如一些自带的schemas(如APEX_030200),这时可以使用exclude很方便的排除…


About redo log wait events

log file sync wait 默认是发生在前台进程发进commits时比如用户commit,DDL,递归操作发生在dictionary table 上的DML,同时rollback 也会导致…

How to hanganalyze and systemstate dumps

Oracle support request hang analysis and system state d […]

How to Encrypt Your Bash Shell Script on Linux Using SHC?(加密shell script)

当需要写shell连接数据库取一些数据或备份等操作时,shell中可能包含数据库的用户密码等敏感信息,被一些不怀好意的人发现是你的灾难,出于安全的考虑需要对shell明文加密,使用shc 就可以把原shell编译为可执行程序(二进制),这样就无法再明文打开shell。

Manually create Oracle 11g physical standby DG ,Switchover, Convert to Logical standby(Scripts and Short Descriptions)

Manually create physical standby with rman;
Primary role and Primary standby role switchover;
Converting Physical Standby to Logical Standby ;