ORA-00600: internal error code [kkmupsViewDestFro_4] in oracle

The ORA-600 [KKMUPSVIEWDESTFRO_4] happens while running a merge statement with join elimination. Such join elimination can only happen if the fix for bug 7679164 is present and enabled. This fix was included in the base release.

GOLDENGATE FILTER row data with Operation-System environment variable(通过操作系统环境变量Filter数据)

昨天有个朋友在网上问如何在用GOLDENGATE 一对多的同步模式下,简化配置,到达统一的OGG Replicat配置文件同时过滤数据的目的。 好比总部更新数据, 分销商只同步自己的数据, 但是如果有400个分销商,为了简化安装不重复性的修改OGG replicat配置文件,所以OGG TARGET(分销商)使用相同的配置文件, 但是在OGG 的配置文件中使用比较灵活的操作系统变量…

Some interesting about oracle, did you know? (一)

By default DBUA removes all the hidden parameters during upgrade.If you want to keep the hidden parametersinvoke DBUA with ‘keepHiddenParams’ option.e.g./dbua -keepHiddenParams

ora-942 or ora-1775 or PLS-00201 When using a database link in a stored procedure

有一个procedure中一段SQL用到了synynom,而synonym指向一个dblink所对应的表,其中是两个子查询做了full join,在procedure 编译时提示ORA-00942: table or view does not exist,而把那段plsql 查询语句块拿出来,做为单条SQL执行时完全正常且有返回结果…

oracle 12c new feature: RESOURCE role without unlimited tablespace

If you are grant privilege to new account like this “grant connect, resource to username”, as you know from 11g the role “Connect” only have “create session” privilege , but now in 12c ,the role “Resource” privilege had changed too.

SQL join problem caused by Low cardinality with Histogram(柱状图产生的过低Card.导致表join性能问题)(二)

接上一篇 http://www.anbob.com/archives/2323.html 下面我们从统计信息入 […]

SQL join problem caused by Low cardinality with Histogram(柱状图产生的过低Card.导致表join性能问题)(一)

当CBO产生的Cardinality过低,尤其是在表之间关连时,往往会差之毫厘差之千里,甚至影响表之间的join方式,注意下MERGE JOIN CARTESIAN部分,这里使用了一种NL style的MJ,..