Goldengate extract from Oracle ADG standby side ALO and ADG mode

Yes, you can extract the data from a Physical Standby database. There are actually two methods available in Oracle GoldenGate.,

1. Archived Log Only Mode – ALO Mode
2. Active Data Guard Mode – ADG Mode


Oracle12c R2注意事项: Active DataGuard logon fail with ORA-00604& ORA-04024

一套12c R2 4-nodes Oracle RAC on RHEL 7的环境,已安装0417 RU。 该库有一套Phyical DataGard, 同时也是GoldenGate的target端,存在一个replicat 进程同步数据,因为OGG的认证导致ADG hang最终使归档删除失败。

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