Inserting no value for the column NOT NULL and no explicit DEFAULT clause refused , After upgrade MySQL5.6 default

前段时间升级MySQL到了5.6,但是后来app 后台日志显示一些SQL insert 出错,手动执行提示有些字段没有default值,查看了表语法该字段是Not null,而且升级也是OS copy数据库文件(因为是MyISAM 引擎),对比升级前后表结构一致…

orphaned processes not cleanup when using resource limit(profile) in 9i RAC, cause skgpspawn failed(进程不回收)

Why is my database after running for some time , large number of database server processes will be created , but the number of sessions is very little, what actions cause orphaned processes? And sometimes hit ora-20 error..

Oracle 12c new Feature: JSON Support in the Oracle 12c Database RDBMS(从此oracle rdbms支持JSON)

很久前在国外的一个blog就看到说是oracle RDBMS(not NOSQL)要支持JSON, 当时说是XMLDB 开发组在做这个事情,随着oracle release 得到确认,的确引入这一特性,JSON, JavaScript Ojbect Notation 在结构上和XML有很多相似之处, 而且这种Schema less data management的数据模型在NOSQL 中广泛应用,数据的存储相对更加紧凑,避免有时空列致ORACLE RDBMS中表一些数据”洞”…

Troubleshooting Query fail with Ora-600 [kdsgrp1] ora-600 [qertbFetchByRowID]

ora-600 [kdsgrp1] 发生fetch 操作查找预期的行失败时, 常有ora-600 [qertbFetchByRowID] 伴随,这次遇到的一个aix rac案例有 ora-7445 [kdr9ir2F0rst4srp0+0068] 和 ora-600 [25027], [6], [825242163] 陪伴, 而且 ora-600 [25027] 的rdba 莫名指向了一些不相干数据块..

DataPump Export (EXPDP) Error ORA-39095 Dump File Space Has Been Exhausted Possible solution

ORA-39095 : ” dump file space has been exhausted. Unable to allocate 8192 bytes”
HOW do I fix the ORA-39095 error?
There are several likely reasons for this error:…