How to duplicate or multiplex control files on ASM ?(复制控制文件)

ON single-instance 1, make sure asm diskgroup is avalia […]


Shell script to backup MySQL database(备份MySQL 脚本)

this is shell script to backup mysql database, using mysqldump to dump all databases into separate files, and encrypt backup file using zip password option, Generate a collective file using tar, ftp to ftp server, to send email to DBA .


Oracle 7到12c 数据库升级路线图

自己画了个从oracle 7及后续版本升级到oracle 12c 的升级路线图。 另存为下载查看效果良好。 & […]

RedHat(RHEL)6 support ASMLIB (RHEL6支持asmlib)

With the annoucement of Oracle’s database support on RHEL6 and OEL6, they have decided to stop making ASMLIB for RHEL compatible kernels. ASMLIB is now only available if you are using Oracle Unbreakable Linux Kernel.But Recent events enabled Red Hat and Oracle to work togethe. Oracle ASMLib availability and support on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.

PLS-00382: expression is of wrong type When using “execute immediate” dynamic SQL statement

——– —————————————————————–
59/5 PL/SQL: Statement ignored
59/23 PLS-00382: expression is of wrong type


Exp Error exp-56 ORA-24324 and ora-7445 in alert When shared pool is very small

EXP-00056: ORACLE error 24324 encountered
ORA-24324: service handle not initialized
ORA-07445: exception encountered: core dump [kgghstfel()+15] [SIGSEGV] [Address not mapped to object]

Script:List all SQL in the library cache cursor referencing a given table .(列出指定表上所有相关SQL)

PROMPT List all SQL in the library cache cursor referen […]

How to setup Mysql Replication Master-Slave ?(MySQL主从复制)

只是简单的记录主从的配置过程和一些常用排错方法 ,我本次安装使用的是mysql 5.6.16,和之前的老版本配置可能有些不同。