About ORACLE CPU, PSU, SPU Patch Nomenclature

It all started in January 2005 with Critical Patch Updates (CPU). Then Patch Set Updates (PSU) were added as cumulative patches that included priority fixes as well as security fixes.

Backup ASM metadata with shell

Creates a backup directory if required, works out the A […]

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Tuning “Read by other session wait” Event

This wait event occurs when we are trying to access a buffer in the buffer cache but we find that the buffer is currently being read from disk by another user so we need to wait for that to complete before we can access it.


客户要求导出大量的数据(约800万记录),开始为了格式上的好看生成的是ACCESS数据库文件,用Toad 11 […]

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Tuning ‘log file sync’ Event

The log file sync wait occurs at the end of a transaction (COMMIT or End Of Job)and the database writer (DBWR) process must wait for the log file to synchronize with the database.

Troubleshooting wait event: ‘latch: row cache objects’

This latch comes into play when user processes are attempting to access or update the cached data dictionary values.