Performance Tunning: enq: JI – contention

JI enqueue is used to serialize the refresh of a materialized view, JI enqueue is acquired in exclusive mode on the mview base (container) table when the refresh is being performed, it ensures that two or more refresh processes do not try to refresh the same object.

Troubleshooting: ORA-00600: [kkpo_rcinfo_defstg:delseg], [xxxx] & ora-600 [25027] & ora-600 [ktadrprc-1]

因为某些原因数据字典表不一致,导到该表在查询或导出时都会提示ora-600 [kkpo_rcinfo_defstg:delseg] 错误,因为数据库使用延迟段创建,手动分配segment时提示ORA-600 [25027],对分区做MOVE时会提示ORA-600 [ktadrprc-1], 使用hcheck脚本检查会提示Orphaned TABPART$