Exp-00003 no storage definition found issue in oracle 11g (未找到段 (0,0) 的存储定义)

. 正在导出表 ANBOB_CREDIT导出了 6 行
EXP-00003: no storage definition found for segment (0, 0)
. . 正在导出表 ANBOB_MODEL导出了 1 行
. . 正在导出表 ANBOB_FILE

How to drop ASM DiskGroup in RAC? (DISKGROUP删除后db资源显示OFFLINE)

to chose sqlplus “drop diskgroup”. however,the diskgroup that dropped is still listed as a resource. , Actually, the DB is open still, check alert log

ora-00313,ora-00312 ora-17503, ora-15001


Add ORACLE Listener Fail or ORA-125XX, Don’t forget “Run as Administrator”(以管理员身份运行) on windows7/8

She had with installation of Oracle 11R2 on Windows 8 (64-bit). The issues I faced The errors can’t connect database using Listener Service.and can’t to add new listener.

Export terminates with ORA-00600 [ksuloget2]

. . exported “ANBOB”.”ANBOB_PROJECT_SCORE” 3.931 GB 46241981 rows
. . exported “ANBOB”.”T1″
EXP-00056 Oracle error 600 encountered
ORA-00600: internal error code, arguments: [ksuloget2], [0xFEBDD104], [0xFEBCEE54], [500], [0xFEBDD128], [], [], [], [], [], [], []
. . exported “ANBOB”.”T2″

The segment header block corrupted cause ORA-08103 issue (段头坏块导致ora-8103)

节前有个网友向我咨询他们的生产库遇到了ora-8103,错误的block 是 SEGMENT HEADER BLOCK, 不可以简单通过rowid 跳过, 也不能像修改data block corruption 那样通过bbed 修改块为 corrupted 然后通过 dbms_repair.skip_corrupt_blocks 跳过该块, 该segment header block上都没有extent 信息(如extent map\HWM)…