ORA-07445 [ACCESS_VIOLATION] [unable_to_trans_pc] [UNABLE_TO_READ] Troubleshooting

Today I to read a SR, saw a case , to face a ora-7445 internal error when open resetlogs database after do database recovery. So here I collected some ora-7445 [unable_to_trans_pc] [UNABLE_TO_READ] errors with frequently ways to Troubleshooting .

ORA-600 [kdBlkCheckError][X],[X],[38504] and ORA-600[4194],[],[] in

The Oracle Database is crashing down in few minutes as soon as we start the Database. DB in linux single instance . it is in VMWare 6, Done a dynamic disk allocation before the problem occurred . then check alert log found ORA-600 [kdBlkCheckError] and ORA-600[4194] errors.

orphaned processes not cleanup when using resource limit(profile) in 9i RAC, cause skgpspawn failed(进程不回收)

Why is my database after running for some time , large number of database server processes will be created , but the number of sessions is very little, what actions cause orphaned processes? And sometimes hit ora-20 error..

Troubleshooting Query fail with Ora-600 [kdsgrp1] ora-600 [qertbFetchByRowID]

ora-600 [kdsgrp1] 发生fetch 操作查找预期的行失败时, 常有ora-600 [qertbFetchByRowID] 伴随,这次遇到的一个aix rac案例有 ora-7445 [kdr9ir2F0rst4srp0+0068] 和 ora-600 [25027], [6], [825242163] 陪伴, 而且 ora-600 [25027] 的rdba 莫名指向了一些不相干数据块..

DataPump Export (EXPDP) Error ORA-39095 Dump File Space Has Been Exhausted Possible solution

ORA-39095 : ” dump file space has been exhausted. Unable to allocate 8192 bytes”
HOW do I fix the ORA-39095 error?
There are several likely reasons for this error:…

ORA-00600: internal error code [kkmupsViewDestFro_4] in oracle

The ORA-600 [KKMUPSVIEWDESTFRO_4] happens while running a merge statement with join elimination. Such join elimination can only happen if the fix for bug 7679164 is present and enabled. This fix was included in the base release.

ORA-12592: TNS:bad packet issue on Dataguard primary site

今天刚搭建的一个Data guard环境,一开始在日志传输时遇到ora-12592错误,ORA-12592: TNS:bad packet


CRS-4124 CRS-4000 Oracle HAS startup failed after reboot server (RHEL6)

# crsctl start has
CRS-4124: Oracle High Availability Services startup failed.
CRS-4000: Command Start failed, or completed with errors.

CTAS will loss default value define on columns

The CTAS operation although copies column constraints such as NULL, NOT NULL from the normal table to the partitioned table during the partitioned table creation, it does not copy DEFAULT VALUEs of the columns.

ORA-12034: materialized view log on xx.xx younger than last refresh when a mview fast refresh after Impdp

ORA-12012: error on auto execute of job 88
ORA-12034: materialized view log on “TOPBOX”.”TOPBOX_COURSESTUDY” younger than last refresh
ORA-06512: at “SYS.DBMS_SNAPSHOT”, line 2256


Why Disk space has been made available archive process do not Restart.ORA-19815 ORA-16014

We use to import a dump file into a database today. imp […]

oracle 11g dbca 找不到asm diskgroup的解决办法

昨天在家里的本本虚拟机里配置11G R2 RAC时,GI安装正常,db soft 安装正常,查看资源asm 磁盘也正常,GI是用的GRID 用户及用ASMLIB配置的ASM DISKGROUP.但到最后一步用ORACLE用户DBCA建库时,在储存选择ASM,无法找到ASMDISKGROUP?

, , ,

in version 10.2 oracle does not support quota on temporary tablespaces,ora-30041

如果在10gr1及以前的版本,在temp tablespace设quota是可以的,但真正的不应该在temp 上设限额,本身就是一个bug,在10gr2中被修复,所以10gr2及以后的版本不在允许

index monitoring usage 注意了!

当系统中有很多索引或一个表上有很多索引,想找出平时不用的索引drop 掉,因为索引毕竟会给insert/update 等带来负担,于时ORACLE提供了monitoring index的功能, 但有时一些情况会被忽略,正面看我的实验


ORA-12838: cannot read/modify an object after modifying it in parallel

anbob@ORCL> select * from testap;
select * from testap
ERROR at line 1:
ORA-12838: cannot read/modify an object after modifying it in parallel

Troubleshoot oracle job is not run automatically(不自动执行原因)



SQL> variable job1 number;
SQL> begin

不执行,首先我想到了系统参数job_queue_processes ,show parametere job 值为0,果然,alter system set job_queue_processes=10,给job分配10个进程配额,问题解决。