Oracle 19c hot backup mode? (二)

When taking hot backups, the file header is frozen while the file is being copied. This means that each data file can have a different checkpoint in your backup set. To make the backup set consistent, all files need to be recovered until their SCNs match again and the fuzzy bits have been reset.

Oracle 19c hot backup mode? (一)

没有维护过oracle 8\9那个版本时,可能不会太接触这个热备份模式, 这个技术已经被RMAN所替代很多年,但是就是这个东西,让我们在最近一次19c 数据库故障中走了弯路, 数据库的内部某个机制触发了begin backup, 因为异常crash后又归档缺失,还尝试从备份做了恢复,最终还是使用bbed修改数据文件头异常恢复