What is GridFS?

What is it ?

a way to store files in your database that doesn’s suck.
a way to ensure that metadata is always kept with a file.
a way to get all the scaliing benefits of mongodb for files.

Backup\Restore MongoDB using mongoexport, mongoimport, mongodump, mongorestore(MongoDB备份恢复)

The following examples , I will demonstrate how to restore a backup MongoDB. mongoexport to export mongodb to json,csv format file, mongorestore to backup mongodb to BSON(Binary Serialized dOcumeNt format) File.

How to put username &password in MongoDB(Security&Authentication)?(配置用户认证在MongoDB)

Default do not need username and password authenticate when access mongoDB ,I want to set up the user name & password for my mongoDB. so that any remote access will ask for the user name & password.

How to install MongoDB 2.6 on linux

官网地址:http://www.mongodb.org; 1. Download the binary fil […]