hpux psu 遇到的一些小问题

XX电信就是一个急性子,上午决定升级晚上就要实施,下面记录一下HPUX IA64 PSU […]

Unable execute “@”(at) sql file in sqlplus on hp-ux issue

I have a ORACLE db server on hp-ux,  i want to execute […]


Troubleshooting ORA-31693 ORA-31617 ORA-19505 ORA-27037 when expdp with parallel on RAC 11G

ORA-31617: unable to open dump file “/dsg/datapump/ocs02.dmp” for write
ORA-19505: failed to identify file “/dsg/datapump/ocs02.dmp”
ORA-27037: unable to obtain file status
IBM AIX RISC System/6000 Error: 2: No such file or directory

Troubleshooting ora-600 [18194] and ora-600 [1265] error

Errors in file /opt/oracle/app/admin/anbob/udump/anbob1_ora_10082.trc:
ORA-00600: 内部错误代码, 参数: [opiodr: call 2], [], [], [], [], [], [], []
ORA-00600: 内部错误代码, 参数: [18194], [0xC0000002EE1E77E8], [0x000000000], [], [], [], [], []
ORA-00600: 内部错误代码, 参数: [1265], [0xC0000002FF7EF3D8], [], [], [], [], [], []


Tuning “DFS lock handle” wait event

a few days ago,My CRM DB face to a performance issue. DB is very slow. then I check DB wait event of active session ,Most sessions is waiting “DFS lock handel” , ‘DFS lock handle’ can cause massive performance issues in a busy RAC cluster. my db is 10R2 2NODE RAC ON AIX.

Troubleshooting Instance crash when modify db_cache_size, ora-600 [kmgs_pre_process_request_6]

昨天一套开发库在开发人员修改了db_cache_size后instance crash了, single instance on RHEL linux,是因为触发了一个bug, ORA-00600: internal error code, arguments: [kmgs_pre_process_request_6], [6], [895], [0], [3], [0x459C1F3D8]


Troubleshooting One RAC node reboot with ora-600 [kjdrisRMnovalid:msgRMno]

今天一套 2节点的11.2.0.3 RAC 数据库计划在0点的维护窗口做一些参数优化,其中包括禁用DRM ,所以在下午提前修改了参数scope=spfile等晚上重启时生效,计划赶不上变化,就在大伙等待0点到来时,突然节点2主机重启,随后节点1跟随instance reboot(主机未重启),在Node1 DB alert.log 发现了ora-600 [kjdrisRMnovalid:msgRMno].


Troubleshooting ora-07445 [smboCkaGetPivot]

Mon Dec 22 09:43:39 EAT 2014
Errors in file /opt/oracle/app/admin/anbob/udump/anbob1_ora_8183.trc:
ORA-07445: exception encountered: core dump [smboCkaGetPivot()+240] [SIGSEGV] [Invalid permissions for mapped object] [0x000000110] [] []


ASM DISKGROUP Migrate to Anotherr SAN (迁移ASM到新存储)

上周刚刚做了ASM Storage的一套13T 2 Nodes 11GR2 database RAC ON A […]

Troubleshooting RAC intrance crash caused by private network IP address conflict (IP冲突)

今天有套rac 的一个节点主机重启,CRS没有启动, 2nodes rac on aix. 手动启动CRS依旧没有拽起来,下面整理一下错误过程… DUPLICATE IP ADDRESS DETECTED IN THE NET

, ,

Troubleshoot ORA-27544,ORA-27300,ORA-27301,ORA-27302,”HPUX-ia64 Error: 23: File table overflow” issue

A product database is 10205 2nodes rac ,our OS is HP-UN […]


Tuning “transaction” & TX lock wait event ,speeding up rollback dead transaction

Yesterday I received a warning and a production db instance found many TX lock and wait event “transaction”, I check the TX lock model is 6, so we can make sure is caused by multiple sessions update the same data, and wait event “transaction” is relatively rare, Here the record about my diagnosis method.

ORA-01135 ORA-01110 check offline tablespace in alert.log

My case is 2 nodes RAC on aix,The previous we do move all objects on a tablespace to new tablespace For reasons of space Fragment, and alter the original tablespace offline. But ORA-01135 ORA-01110 error in the alert.log file I keep seeing the message every 10 minutes


Troubleshooting ORA-01031: Insufficient Privileges issue

1, Login in remote instance using sqlplus as sys when the target db instance password file not exists or file name is wrong.
2, If you try to execute DBMS_SESSION.SET_CONTEXT


Autotask(Optimizer statistics gathering) not working in未自动收集统计信息)

有一些表数据发生了很大变化,但是统计信息从初次导入后从没有自动收集过统计信息,导致现在的有些执行计划不成确, 手动收集是可以成功的,如何开启自动收集? oracle RAC ON AIX


IMPDP hangs, session wait “wait for unread message on broadcast channel”

昨晚有个朋友说加班在IMPDP数据, 在导入中途突然没有了进展,挂在那里不动了,impdp 窗口也没有报错, 一直等了1个多小时,说是impdp使用了parallel,怀疑是parallel参数出了问题, 最终其实原因很简单。这里只是简单的描述遇到这类问题时的处理思路。

Duplicate (Clone) Oracle Database to the Same Machine (同一机器数据库还原)(二)

When an DB operation error occurred , and flashback technique can not be used, you can use this way do a database point in time recover on same db server, to clone a new db to recover, then drop.

Duplicate (Clone) Oracle Database to the Same Machine (同一机器数据库还原)(一)

Starting with Oracle 11g there are now two ways to clone a database:
1. Active Database Duplication
2. Backup-based Duplication

Exp-00003 no storage definition found issue in oracle 11g (未找到段 (0,0) 的存储定义)

. 正在导出表 ANBOB_CREDIT导出了 6 行
EXP-00003: no storage definition found for segment (0, 0)
. . 正在导出表 ANBOB_MODEL导出了 1 行
. . 正在导出表 ANBOB_FILE

How to drop ASM DiskGroup in RAC? (DISKGROUP删除后db资源显示OFFLINE)

to chose sqlplus “drop diskgroup”. however,the diskgroup that dropped is still listed as a resource. , Actually, the DB is open still, check alert log

ora-00313,ora-00312 ora-17503, ora-15001