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结束意味着新开始,结束会有莫名的伤感和失落,2013 有快乐有忧伤,有收获有遗憾,放下那些本该不属于你的东西, 不要急着上头条成为万人瞩目, 因为这一年你没有汪峰忙…

ORA-10631: SHRINK clause should not be specified for this object(原因)

Shrink operations can be performed only on segments in locally managed tablespaces with automatic segment space management (ASSM). Within an ASSM tablespace. Restrictions on the shrink_clause.The shrink_clause is subject to the following restrictions…

ORA-00600: INTERNAL ERROR CODE, ARGUMENTS: [VOPRVL1], [], [], [], [], [], [], [] Issues

insert into table “with” subquery Failing with the following internel error.
ORA-600: internal error code, arguments: [voprvl1], [], [], [], [], [], [], []

ora-600 [2663]/[2662] internal error issue

A description for this ORA-600 [2003] error is not yet published. ora-600 2663/2662 is a data block SCN is ahead of the current SCN.

How to enable SQL*Net Tracing with Oracle Instant Client (二)

Dynamic server tracing allows for tracing at a per-process level and can be enabled ad hoc on any running server process. This is useful for tracing individual server side processes of a specific client connection or for tracing background server processes.

ORA-28002 Even If Default Prpfile PASSWORD_LIFE_TIME Has UNLIMITED Limit(用户profile密码生命周期无限制,密码仍然过期锁定的情形)

上周也就是2013年的最后一天,突然客户反应有些WEB应用页面报错只提到了ora-28002, 我立即用sqlplus 登录提示是ora-28001,显然密码已经过期, 我清清楚记的才因为一起类似问题, 前不久把所有的oracle 数据库应用用户profile PASSWORD_LIFE_TIME改为unlimited,怎么还会这样呢?