11gR2 RAC ASM 启动疑惑

存储asm instance spfile到asm,听上去很奇怪,启动自身,首先要解决的几个问题
1,asm diskgroup 没mount,如何读spfile?


11G R2 Oracle Local Registry(OLR)

从oracle 11R2版本起在网格计算领域引进了新特性,其中之一就是grid Oracle Local Registry(OLR),做为oracle clusterware的一部分,有些人喜欢叫Oracle Local Repository,因为这repositery记录了本地资源的信息和配置..

move rdbms from local file(no-ASM) to ASM instance

one asm instance can support multiple rdbms instances,and it is possible to run more than one asm instance to which the rdbms instance could connect,this potential many-to-many relationship btween the instance types is resolved by the cluster services.

about modify unique constraint

ERROR at line 2:
ORA-02299: cannot validate (ICME.UK_PROJECT_SCORE) – duplicate keys found

oracle ASM on LVM (linux卷管理),配置LVM


oracle 11g BaseLine(基线)指定application中不可修改sql的执行计划

11G前有sql profile、outline可以稳定执行计划,但有些文档中指出有时outline指定了但也有要能走新的执行计划,所以11g的BASELINE是OUTLINE的改进版。一般应用在版本升级或稳定特定SQL的执行计划,也可以修改指定SQL的执行计划,当OUTLINE与BASELINE有同时指定时BASELINE有优先权。

noarchive model,迁tablespace从ASM到Local files fs

利用rman 可以方便的把datafile,tablespace,database在本地文件系统和ASM之间转换

10gGridControl failed to start a managed process after the maximum retry limit

[oracle@dbserver1 bin]$ ./opmnctl startall
failed to start a managed process after the maximum retry limit
[error 13079] [ecid: -] No matching CACHE element found in

materialized view query rewrite and ORA-30353

启用物化视图的重写有两个条件QUERY_REWRITE_ENABLED=true and materialized view enable query rewrite.
在CBO对查询sql 重写后估算cast后直接查询mv

after OS reboot ,11g RAC asm not automatic startup ORA-27102

[ohasd(4507)]CRS-2807:Resource ‘ora.asm’ failed to start automatically.
SQL> startup nomount
ORA-27102: out of memory


OEL5.8 Install RAC Grid 11203 PRVF-5184 : Check of following Udev attributes failed

PRVF-5184 : Check of following Udev attributes of “rac2:/dev/asm-diskc” failed: “[Owner: Found=’root’ Expected=’grid’, Group: Found=’root’ Expected=’asmadmin’, Permissions: Found=’0600′ Expected=’0660′]”


11gr2 install database加大AMM内存时INS-35171

Oracle Error :: INS-35171
Target database memory (stringMB) exceeds at least one of the selected nodes available shared memory (string MB).


rac 11203 grid 安装PRVF-5636 : The DNS response time for an unreachable node exceeded “15000” ms

OUI默认是带域名的名称如znode1.anbob.com/znode1-vip.anbob.com,去掉改为了znode1/znode1-vip 新增加的znode2/znode2-vip,再下一步到检查的时,检查通过。


Never bind peeking or Wrong execution plan?

注意当用veriable变量绑定时sqlplus autotrace有可能显示的执行计划不是实际的,用dbms_xplan.display_cursor查看

11gr2安装Grid 时 node2 root.sh失败Start of resource “ora.asm -init” failed

Start of resource “ora.asm -init” failed
Failed to start ASM
Failed to start Oracle Clusterware stack

11gr2安装Grid 时 ins-40719 ins-40912

ins-40719 ipaddress configured for single client access name(scan):
rac-scan.anbob.com is already assigned to another system

ORA-00600: internal error code, arguments: [Skgmfail] 案例

数据库在运行一段时间后crash,遭遇ORA-00600: internal error code, arguments: [SKGMFAIL], [2], [4], [4], [1],重启后又可以正常运行。

why not use index?

sys_op_descend – Returns value as it would be used in a descending index. This is essentially
reverse() function with output in hex.


rac 全名Real Application Clusters,是ORACLE DATABASE 上的一个组件, 用共享存储的结构可以把1个数据库运行在多个分别计算的节点instance中 ,来提高了数据库的可用性,可以安装在企业版或标准版中,rac 出生于2001年的9I release 1, 以它的前身是oracle parallel server,rac 引入cache fusion机制提高实例间的资源同步。

Utilities-rlwarp, how to clear history command? do it

directory in which the history and completion files are kept.